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-Diane Zottoli, Property Manager of Holden Realty  JULY 2010
Dawn's Painting has first-in-class prep and painting skills. As a property manager, I always trust Dawn's work to be of superior quality and she gives me the best quotes.
I was intrigued by this woman I'd heard paints portraits and murals and also does regular house painting. When I saw the finished job, I looked for imperfections really hard. I couldn't find anything to complain about! 
-Bob L. Oxford, Massachusetts,   MAY 2011
Dawn Murphy's company did a fine job painting the exterior of our brick commercial office building. 
-Jason B,   AUGUST 2012
I got 3 bids and picked the one in the middle, not because of price, but I knew Dawn's Painting was passionate about what they do. They didn't disappoint
-Miriam C,   January 2009
Dawn's Painting did the entire inside of my home in a very fast fashion and it came out great. I had them use environmentally friendly paint with low VOC and the fumes were gone very quickly. Usually you can smell new paint for months.
-Alicia W,   October 2016

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